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Support for marijuana legalization at a historical high

The marijuana-based drug, also called cannabis, can create a myriad of psychological and physical effects. The substance responsible for the majority of the psychoactive effects found in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol. can be found in between five to fifteen percent.

The principal argument in favor legalizing marijuana is to keep its production from criminal hands and have it managed by law enforcement agencies. The production could be monitored by authorities, which will allow them to test for purity, quality, and potential dangers prior to distributing to the general public. To increase state revenue taxes could be imposed on cannabis-related products.

This argument is in close proximity to the claim that legalizing marijuana will lead to a more efficient allocation police resources. The prohibition of marijuana has lead in some parts of the world to a plethora of prison conditions for minor drug users, and in all instances, it diverts resources away from combating violent crime.

Legalization allows authorities to control the process of distribution. It is possible to establish quality standards to ensure that drugs do not get being sold to children at school who may mistake them for candy. Dealers don’t have any incentive to stop selling illegal substances to children at young ages. The government would be given the authority to impose taxes on marijuana, giving them some of the earnings from the production or distribution. Legalization will result in a reduction in the number of crimes committed and a reduction in state spending due to a decreased need for police.

Legalization also allows the government to regulate the negative environmental impacts of marijuana production. Some worry that the massive marijuana growth could cause deforestation, soil erosion , depletion, and the pollution of chemicals. These negative environmental effects are often reduced or avoided by allowing states to monitor cultivation techniques.

Legalization could allow for better education programs regarding the benefits of marijuana. These programs could target youngsters and teens, to inform users of possible adverse side consequences of using marijuana. The information on the safe use of marijuana wouldn’t be hidden from consumers from drug dealers, who would be motivated to keep them out of the loop. The information would be available to all who wish to know more.

The state could also tax and regulate the trade in drugs when legalization is approved. Legalization may result in more revenues for the state, and also the decrease of crime and negative social effects. State authorities will monitor cultivation techniques and grow locations to minimize or prevent the negative impacts of marijuana production. More education about marijuana usage can allow individuals to make informed choices regarding marijuana use.

There are many arguments to allow marijuana use. There are very few arguments in opposition to marijuana are made. Legalizing marijuana is not a good idea. The negative consequences of criminalization are far more significant than the potential advantages. It is obvious that marijuana must be legalized by governments for recreational purposes.

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